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What is PlanProMatrix

PLANPROMATRIX was launched 5 years ago by Mr. Mark Naval & Mr. Junnel Millano . The business is registered in the Philippines since August 2013. The business is still growing up to this time and being actively promoted all over the world by its members thru social media. Some of the products and services of PPM are dealership to selling gift cards & eloading. As a member you will be automatically become a dealer/retailer of these products. You will also be able to access some useful ebooks and download the data entry software that will pay you to do simple data entries and get paid. Launching soon are hotel and airline ticketing.

What is is only a "FREE downline builder" to assist you in joining PlanProMatrix business. PPMBuilder provides you free promotional tools and banners to build your dowline at PlanProMatrix business. It also provides you an easy way to pay for your PlanProMatrix membership payment via SolidTrustPay and Bitcoin. You will have the option to receive your earnings via SolidTrustpay and Bitcoin by becoming a member of You will find your sponsor's PlanPromatrix referral link in our Downline Builder page and once you have added your own PlanProMatrix account number, all your invites here at will be able to signup at your PlanProMatrix LINK. Instructions on how to do this is available inside our member area.

How can i earn from PlanProMatrix?

You can earn by using its services and be a dealer / retailer of the gift cards available for selling. Earn from rebates from your downline's business. Earn different kind of Referral Bonus. Earn $6.66 every time you bring in 2 people in the business (2x1 unlimited matrices) once they have paid for $16 starter pack or the $45 Premium Upgrade Fee (both are lifetime membership). You can maximize your earnings by buying the Premium Package, you will get an entry to the "Table of Exits" where you will receive unlimited cash bonuses. Table of Exits are small tables that your whole team has to fill in. When a member exits the table he will receive $66.66 and be reentered again in the same table 1 then get a new entry to Table 2 where he can get $211. This duplicates of reentries will continue to work up to Table 5 where you can get exit bonus of $11,111. This process will not stop and will continue to work forever or as long as PlanProMatrix is still around. This genius rewarding system is truly a money monster that has alredy created and creating Millionaires. Truth is, while you are reading this ... someone is receiving his exit bonus payments somewhere!.

How do I get Started?

1. Simply join our team by creating an account.
2. Choose your membership fee between $16 and $45 via solidtrustpay or bitcoin.
3. Go to Downline Builder page so you can find your Sponsor's PlanProMatrix link.
4. Register to PlanProMatrix by just clicking the link of your sponsor. 5. Wait for 24-48 hours for activation codes, we will send this to you via email.
6. Use the codes to activate your account to process your upgrade in seconds.
7. You can get started promoting either your PlanProMatrix referral link or your PPMBuilder referral link 8. Get started with the business & earning bonuses and commissions.


Experience The Power of Team Work in the Table of Exit!

Table of Exit will do the magic!
Our active team is working night and day on filling up 15 Positions and it is not Company Forced! It is a small TEAM Forced matrix system!
Reentries also fill the spots! The table do not get very wide and stall.
We don't mind if you are lazy and cannot bring in people!
We will do it until you decide for yourself!

You can just enjoy the products sit back and relax!

DISCLAIMER: This is not an investment site where you put your money and it will grow interest. Although there are many success stories about people becoming millionaires by doing this business that you can see in social media, there is no guarantee that you will get results by using our downline builder website. You are not required to pay for anything to earn on PlanProMatrix. Do not join and do not upgrade your account if you do not understand the program. We recommend you do your own research before upgrading your account. You can freely use all our promotional tools for free forever.

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