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Business Overview: 5 years Operating & Registered Business since 2013
Founders: Mark Naval & Junnel Millano from the Philippines
Products: Marketing of prepaid cards, gift cards and game cards wallet codes like Steam.
Coming Soon: Hotel Booking & Airline Ticketing, Bills Payment & eCommerce Store like Lazada

How real is PlanProMatrix?

See Success Stories below or do your own research in Google, Youtube and Facebook

How can I join PlanProMatrix & pay for my Upgrade?

Since PlanProMatrix is an online business opportunity, everyone is welcome to join,
as long as you have internet connection, you can jump in!
You need a sponsor to join PlanProMatrix
Your Sponsor will guide you with account creation and activation
PPMBuilder is ready to assist those who wants to join but located outside Philippines.
If you are outside Philippines, you can either pay your membership via SolidTrusPay, Bitcoin (via PPMBuilder Admin) or you can directly pay the PlanProMatrix via Xoom!

How can I get my earnings?

Non-Filipino members can get their earnings soon by ATM Debit Card or thru International Money transfers like MoneyGram and Xoom.

Is PlanProMatrix a legitimate business?

Yes 100%. The business is registered in the Philippines since 2013. PPM has a wide variety of products offered like Unlimited SMS to philippine telephone networks, digital downloads and software, retailing business, advertising packages and even airline ticketing (very soon)!

Click Here for Mark Naval, the PlanProMatrix CEO's Facebook profile

Click Here for Junnel Millano, the PlanProMatrix Operational Manager's Facebook profile

How can I earn from PlanProMatrix?

There are many ways to earn in PlanProMatrix!
🌠 By Becoming a retailer or dealer of Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards & Game Wallet Codes!
🌠 By Referral Commissions, earn $6.6 for every 2 people you refer.
🌠 By Referral Bonuses - pass up bonus, pairing & matching bonus, binary & more.
🌠 By Monthly Sharing Bonus - refer 5 people and get an equal share to the Monthly Sharing.
🌠 By Passive Incentive Program! (Table of Exits - for Premium Accounts only!)

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