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How can I pay for my Upgrade?

Non-Filipino members can pay via Bitcoin and SolidTrustPay.

How can I get my earnings?

Non-Filipino members can get their earnings thru International Money transfers like MoneyGram and Xoom.  PPMBuilder can also arrange your withdrawals so that you can receive bitcoin and Solidtrustpay funds.

Is PlanProMatrix a legitimate business?

Yes 100%.  The business is registered in the Philippines since 2013.  PPM has a wide variety of products offered like Unlimited SMS to philippine telephone networks, digital downloads and software, retailing business, advertising packages and even airline ticketing (very soon)!

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How can I earn from PlanProMatrix?

There are many ways to earn in PlanProMatrix and one is by using the products/services available in the members area like the retailing business. 

To maximize your earning, get a Premium Account!  This will enable you to qualify to countless of cash bonuses that can turn into passive residual income for a lifetime!

Many ways to earn cash bonuses:

1.  TABLE OF EXITS - as a Premium Member you will get one position and unlimited reentries to the TABLE of EXITS! 

   Each table are filled up by your team.  It is a team forced matrix.  There are only 15 positions to fill (including reentries already).  The top position will exit the table and get paid cash bonus then reenter again to the same table and will be entered in the next table.

Table 1

- Earn $66.66 when you exit the table! plus reentry to table 1 and new enty to table 2

Table 2 - Earn $211.11 when you exit the table! plus reentry to table 2and new enty to table 3
Table 3 - Earn $666.66 when you exit the table! plus reentry to table 3 and new enty to table 4
Table 4 - Earn $2,222.22 when you exit the table! plus reentry to table 4 and new enty to table 5
Table 5 - Earn $11,11.11 when you exit the table! plus reentry to table 5

The Reentries will continue forever and you will get cash bonuses again and again!


2.  Unlimited 2X1 Matrix - Each time you refer 2 people, you will be rewarded (300 pesos for each pair).  You will have unlimited 2x1 matrices.

3.  Pass Up Bonus - earn 50 pesos unlimited

4.  Binary Pairing Bonus - earn 100 pesos unlimited

5.  Monthly Profit Sharing - when you refer 5 members in a month, you will have a part of the company's monthly profit pool.

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