Hi my name is James
a PlanProMatrix Affiliate
and is a Proud Premium Member!

I would like to present to you a 5-year old business that is making millionaires in the Philippines!

PlanProMatrix is an online business and everyone is welcome to join. For non-Filipinos, you can take advantage of Referral Program & at the same time enjoy the following products and services:

🌟 Income-generating data entry software
🌟 Digital Downloads (ebooks)
🌟 Retailing/Dealership of Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards & Game Wallet Codes
🌟 Bills Payment Services
🌟 eCommerce store (available soon)
🌟 hotel and airline booking business. (available soon)

Referral Program

🌟 Earn by doing simple data entry tasks.
🌟 Monthly Sharing Pool - refer 5/month get an equal share.
🌟 Unlimited 2x1 Matrix Bonus (earn $6.66 per cycle)
🌟 Binary and Pairing Bonuses
🌟 Passed Up Downlines Bonus
🌟 Huge and passive income from Table of Exits (incentive program)

Learn how PlanProMatrix created Millionaires
thru its Table of Exits Incentive Program!

🌟 Table 1 = Receive $66.66 + Free Reentry to Table 1 + Free Entry to Table 2
🌟 Table 2 = Receive $211 + Free Reentry to Table 2 + Free Entry to Table 3
🌟 Table 3 = Receive $666.66 + Free Reentry to Table 3 + Free Entry to Table 4
🌟 Table 4 = Receive $2,222 + Free Reentry to Table 4 + Free Entry to Table 5
🌟 Table 5 = Receive $11,111 + Free Reentry to Table 5

Watch the video below:

How to pay and get paid

You can pay your membership thru SolidTrustPay or bitcoin via PPMBuilder Admin
or thru the person who presented this page to you
PPMBuilder.club admin will assist in activating your PlanPromatrix Account


Pay via Solidtrustpay or Bitcoin, Contact Us for other options.

Pay $45 for PlanProMatrix Premium Lifetime Account:
To get your payments - ATM debit card will be available soon.
MoneyGram and Xoom are the best ways to get paid currently.

You can create an account at PlanProMatrix, click the button below:

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